Grid Ceiling

Vinyl Laminated Metal Backed (patterns)

GS - 154 - Frost

GS - 155 - Mist

GS 101 - Pearl

GS 569 - Pyramid

GS - 975 - Cosmos

GS - 991 - Elefoil

Basic Parameters
Size 900 mm : 595 x 595 mm
Standard Thickness : 8mm (before lamination)
Thickness after Lamination : 9mm
Lengthways Ruptures Load : >360N
Thickness tolerance : +/-0.5
Size tolerance : +/-1


Moisture resistant

The gypsum core will not support combustion or transmit temperatures in excess of 212°F until completely calcined –a slow process

The vinyl foil are classified as Class “2” in the flame Spread Test in accordance to British Standard 476 Part 7: 1971

Reduces great transmission thus making it very suitable for ceilings.

Have good acoustic properties.

Lighter, smoother and more uniform

The vinyl finish on the Gypsum Panels seals out moisture, bacteria, dirt and odors.

A hard washable surface resists stain and abuse

Ideal for use in executive offices, lobbies, hotels, conference rooms, and restaurants.

Thermal Resistance – R=0.41m2kw

Thermal Conductivity – K- Value = 0.16 W/mk.

Storage and Handling:

         The area should be dry prior to ceiling installation work. All wet trades should be completed e.g. plastering. Flooring, etc. Air conditioning duct work and Electrical Chasing or drawing lines should be completed. The laying if ceiling tiles in the grid work should be done as the last work should be done as the last work before completion of interiors