Grid Ceiling

T-Grid System

Suspension Ceiling System

          Ceiling Suspension System is designed to meet the stringent requirement of today's demanding construction industry. The system provides strong structural stability. Versatility and ease of installation

        Ceiling Suspension System is made fro high strenght, hot dipped galvanised steel that meets the JIS G-3302-1998 and ASTM A653/M and is capped with COLOUR BOND strip at the exposed flange. The Standard capping colour available is white but other colors can be tailor made according to reuirment





        For the building the needs to line system work, such as AC pope, wire tube, air pope around the ceiling are, T-bar ceiling is commonly used because it has good qualities such as. Easy to install and access to the system lined above the ceiling Also it`s easy to replace the damage board or change the board quality is need while keeping all the good gypsum board qualities

T-bar Framing

        It is a T shape molded metal frame folded with 2 layers made out of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel. The front side steel is glazed in white for more beautiful finishing. Sizes are various depend on the length of frame ridge which will be put together in tabular form for the Gypsum Ceiling Tile installation

Assembly Illustration


Advantages :

Economical easy to install and requires less labour to complete installation at minimum time as compared with conventional extruded aluminium tee systems

Interchangeability of Main and Cross Tees between systems promotes lower unventory requirements and greater field flexibility

The straight entry locking feature of each sections allows the system to be installed easily within close proximity overheads

The system promotes complete design flexibility and is capable of sustaining loads normally designed for suspened tee systems

Joggled ends of Cross Tees provides a complete flush joint, eliminating gaps between Main and Cross Tees and ensure rigidity at fixtures.In line Cross Tee provides true interlocking action

Less wastage and mistakes are assured with standard pre-engineered sections. The finished sections are well protected when packed into cartons